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Le table

Burlap sacks covered with colorful autumn leaves, a few gourds, a large pumkin, some gleaned autumn flower tossed randomly in the mix …. a few candles ….

baskets of apples and  gleaned fruits , mulled cider served in ???? gourds carved out? NO TIME

Mini pies

Pumpkin, apple .. who cooks

finger food no need for condiments .... can we use autumn leaves washed as napkins? shit in developing ctries there is no such thing as napkins

finger food no need for condiments .... can we use autumn leaves washed as napkins? shit in develoing ctries there is no such thing as napkins

zuni bread native american

zuni bread maker

…. Pumpkin cookies from Pioneer Women

… sacks of seeds, nuts, fruit wrapped in recyled materials, tied with hemp strings


Transition Mill Valley celebrates ‘Transition Sunday’  with a series of events in collaboration with the Mill Valley Film Festival’s October 11th  Sequoia Theatre environmental  film screenings:

  • Homegrown, a documentary  on local urban farming in Pasadena, CA
  • Tapped, a hard-hitting expose of bottled H20 and its  significant impact on our economy, environment and health.

Homegrown (1:00 PM – Sequoia Theatre)  sponsored by Whole Foods Market and San Domenico School.

A short accompanying the film:

Hidden Bounty of Marin: Farm Families in Transition
Beyond the image of Marin County’s pretty pastures and rolling grasslands is a revolution in the making. Over 200 small family farms and ranches are pioneering sustainable and organic farming practices that are having a radical impact on the way we eat. From heirloom apples to grass-fed beef, succulent oysters to creamy artisan cheese, this is a timely and mouth-watering overview of a vital local movement. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

Tapped (6:00 PM – Sequoia Theatre)

An extraordinary expose of the devastating impact bottled water has on our economy, environment and health

Local organizations and businesses participating in Transition Sunday

Calendar: (subject to change)

10:00 am  Community Education Event (Possible S-MV Event Hilary Jeffris or Tam Valley Neighborhood ‘Composting  Quick n Easy’

Noon:  Canning Presentation. Tyler Florence (Sponsored by T-MV) 

3pm Film. The Milk and Honey Gallery

For the Next 7 Generations

An examination of how a connection with our Indigenous people enables us to make the necessary changes for our survival..

8p.m. Film. Small Shed Flatbreads

Blind Spot

Approaching and preparing for Peak Oil

Approaching and preparing for Peak Oil

Exquisitely photographed and featuring discourse from some of the world’s most renowned scientists, Blindspot expertly connects the dots between the energy we use, our economy and their joint effects on the environment — and explains why acting now is critical to create a vibrant future beyond  Peak oil.

“Doubtless Peak Oil will come, the timing is a matter of debate. However we may be better off if it is not too long delayed, because it will accelerate what must be done to prevent environmental catastrophe.”   -Noam Chomsky

For information or to participate in Mill Valley Transition Sunday, contact